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Since 1962

Journey of Renga Match

A one-stop destination for a wide selection of safety matches is Renga Match. We manufacture cardboard safety matches and wax matches in a wide variety of styles. Our commitment to quality and dedicated service has earned a prominent name in the international market and regular buyers.

The products provided are made of high-quality duplex board and have a striking appearance with a smooth surface. The frictional edges on the side ensure the smooth and safe lighting of the matches. We export them to many different industries, such as hotels, restaurants, and small businesses.

Renga Match


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Our manufacturing facilities are located in Tamilnadu, which today is the Hub of the Safety Match Industry. We have well-maintained facilities spread over an area of 30,000 sq. meters. This provides us moisture-proof storage space for our wide range of safety match products. We also offer clients both bulk and manual packaging facilities. For better durability, advanced machines are used to meet the process and packaging demands. Our warehouses are well equipped with the state of the art infrastructure that includes highly developed warehouses and logistic support.

We aim to produce Renga Match quality products, benchmarked against international standards of safety matches, at competitive prices. We strive for excellence in customer service, always ensuring the highest production standards and timely delivery schedules.

Quality policy

At RENGA MATCH, our policy is to maintain quality standards, cutting across every stage of production. Utmost care is taken the highest standards of quality, right from the procurement of raw material to the actual delivery of the products/safety matches. Quality is our strongest point and has been upheld under every circumstance. We are dealing with a very sensitive element of the universe, i.e., fire, hence we remain extra careful in ensuring that the products are in accordance with the national and international requirements of quality.

All the parameters like Flame, Design, Durability, Strength, etc. are duly kept in while checking them for quality. All the procedures like Raw Material Testing, Count, Firing Quality and Packing & Finishing, etc. are conducted at our in-house quality testing center.